Feb 262013

I worked out that my Baby Pacman monitor was a Wells Gardner 2061433-40 (K4800). I’ve found various people advertising cap kits in the US but nothing in the UK. So I decided to write a list of capacitors that would be included in the kit, so I can source these individually in the UK. Hopefully this information will also be useful to others:

1000uf 16V Electrolytic (position C201)
470uf 16V Electrolytic (position C205)
330uf 16V Electrolytic (position C301)
2.2uf 50V Electrolytic (position C303)
3.3uf 50v Electrolytic (position C308)
10uf 50V Electrolytic (position C310)
10uf 160V Electrolytic (position C311)
47uf 160V Electrolytic (position C313)
1uf 50V Electrolytic (position C315, C351 and C373) x3
47uf 25V Electrolytic (position C352 and C354) x2
22uf 25V Electrolytic (position C366)
560uf 200V Electrolytic (position C505)
22uf 160V Electrolytic (position C506)
47uf 160V Electrolytic (position C507)
1000uf 25V Electrolytic (position C701)
10uf 100V Electrolytic (position C702)
22uf 100V Electrolytic (position C706)