Jun 242015

I started working on a Jamma adaptor for testing the main Q*bert PCB:

After initially having some power issues, video output problems, and it going into test mode I finally managed to get this on screen:

Considering how bad this board was corroded from the battery leak I’m chuffed to bits that it works!

Just need to work on the sound board now.

This was going to be a bit tricky as it uses strange voltages. So I built a very simple 12v audio amp to bypass the +30v amp on the soundboard and still test the sound/speech on Q*bert

It should work…..but I need to test it out first with some sound inputs before hooking it into the main soundboard

So here’s a video testing out the 12v sound amp:

12v Amp

Let there be Q*bert sound video:

Qbert Sound