Sep 062016

I bought a Midnight Run cabinet from a fellow collector when I first got into the arcade scene many years ago now. It was originally an Outrun Midi cab that had been converted to Midnight Run by Brent Leisure. I always planned on turning it back into an Outrun cab as it’s one of my favourite games but just didn’t get round to it. So I’ve had some time off from work, and started stripping all the Midnight Run parts out of the cabinet. I’ve got to say that it looks like Brent Leisure did a pretty decent job of making this very tidy.

Here is all the wiring and parts that needed to come out:

and here are most of the parts that need to go in:

Here is a picture of the front of the cab:

I managed to sort out most of the wiring but some of it got me stumped. Luckily a fellow collector happened to have the only Outrun Mini wiring diagram that seems to exist in the whole world, and this will no doubt be invaluable. I’ve attached the manual and wiring diagram below as I’m sure it will help out others aswell:

Outrun Mini Manual (263 downloads)