Apr 082014

Vs. Ice Climber has been a problem for me for a while. I had a working VS board, PPU, and CPU, but could I get Ice Climber to work? No!

Anyway, after spending a bit of time looking at this I’ve made some progress and now have the game working!

The problem seems to be that if I burned the roms found in the mame rom set “iceclimb” I would get a purple screen, and nothing else, whichever side of the PCB I put the roms on. The roms in that set were:

mds-ic4-4 b.6a
mds-ic4-4 b.6b
mds-ic4-4 b.6c
mds-ic4-4 b.6d
mds-ic4-4 b.8a
mds-ic4-4 b.8b

What’s odd is that this set works fine in Mame!

The trick to get this working on a Vs. PCB is to use 8a and 8b from this set, then use the four roms found in rom set “iceclimba”. These roms are:


Populate the board with the roms in the correct locations and voila, we have a working game!