Feb 112013

Just recieved my first Nintendo Vs PCB in the post……Super Mario!

The great thing about this PCB is that it has an RP2C04-0004 PPU which means I could burn the EPROMS and also play games like Vs. Clu Clu Land, Vs. Ice Climber, and Vs. Skate Kid. Another bonus, is that this has obviously come out of a Vs Unisystem, because it has an extra CPU RP2A04, which is not required in a dual system cabinet. I can use this as a spare as I believe they are interchangeable.

I can now add a 0004 PPU to my other PPU’s which include a RP2C04-0001 PPU on Vs. Hogan’s Alley and a RP2C04-0002 PPU on a Vs. Golf.

Now I just need to find a RP2C04-0003 PPU so that I can play Vs. Balloon Fight which is a two player simultaneous game on two monitors.

Nintendo Vs Super Mario

Nintendo Vs Super Mario