Apr 132013

I’ve been trying to get hold of any Vs games that have an RP2C04-0003 PPU. This has proved really difficult! Either the games never seem to come up for sale or they sell for ridiculous prices. I even tried various arcade forums in the UK and the US and had no luck whatsoever.

Finally I came across a working rom set and PPU for sale on eBay US that was advertised at a realistic price, and I snapped it up. It arrived in the space of about a week, which was really impressive.

What’s really exciting to me about this, is I can finally play some of the more hard to find games by burning my own eeproms. These include:

Vs. Dr. Mario
Vs. Goonies (this requires an extra Daughter board)
Vs. Balloon Fight
Vs. Soccer
Vs. TKO Boxing

The big game for me in this list in Vs. Balloon Fight!!! It’s a brilliant game and supports two player simultaneous play on two monitors on a Vs. Dual System. The only problem now is that I need another RP2C04-0003 PPU!!!

Hopefully this might not be the case! I came across this website and project the other day:


It’s a project to make a universal PPU for Nintendo Vs games/Playchoice 10 systems. I wait in anticipation for this to be released

Vs Excite Bike

Vs Excite Bike