Apr 232014

Well the good news is that after applying a new layer of insulating varnish on the monitor, it appears that it is no longer arcing! I had the monitor powered up for a good 10 minutes or so, and there were no obvious issues.

So I’ve put the monitor back in the cabinet, made a few adjustments, and the picture is looking pretty good!

I’ve also put the smoked glass, and reproduction monitor bezel back on, and it’s starting to take shape:

Mr.Do Nearly Complete

There’s a few things that still need attention:

  • New artwork needs to be applied to the control panel
  • The control panel needs rebuilding – screws need cleaning, buttons need replacing
  • The first coin mech and bulb are not working so that needs attention
  • There are still a few paint marks on the side of the cabinet so they need removing
  • The rubber matting on the bottom of the cab needs replacing