Apr 212013

The leg leveler mounting plates on the Baby Pacman were badly rusted, full of crud, and the thread would not allow me to screw in any legs. I wondered whether it would be possible to remove the plates and replace them with new ones. The problem was that it would be hard to find suitable replacements, and on a second inspection it looked like they would be extremely difficult to remove.

I purchased a 3/8″-16 tap and reversible T bar in the hope that I could re-cut the thread on the inside surface of the hole. I went for the 3/8″-16 size as this seemed to be the standard Bally leg thread size for this type of cabinet.

I applied lots of WD40 to the thread and tap to keep it well lubricated, as I slowly did 2 turns clockwise, and 1 turn anti-clockwise, for the entire thread.

The result was that I could now screw the leg levelers into place!

Leg Levelers

Leg Levelers

It was extremely important to get this done, because the damaged to the bottom of the cabinet was caused by it being dragged across the floor without any leg levelers. As the cabinet would now be off the floor, no further damaged could be done as I continued to repair the bottom.

I also did a bit more sanding to cabinet and took measurements of the side artwork position on the cabinet, so I would put it back in the same position.