May 072013

I’ve been really busy over the last couple of days. I borrowed an orbital sander from a friend and continued sanding one side of the Baby Pacman. I’m really pleased with the results as it looks clean and smooth. I just need to remove the side artwork and the paint underneath and one side is done:


I then started on the bottom of the cabinet. I left around the edges so that I can do this by hand without damaging any other parts with the sander.


I also sanded and tidied up the top, back and door of the cabinet, ready for repair.

I’ve then spent some time cleaning the glass from the cabinet and the monitor cover and plastics:


I just need to do the other side of the cabinet and the repairing can begin properly.

I was also pleased to see that when I stood the cabinet up on its new leg levellers, it nicely hoovered off the ground, so no further damage could be done to the bottom.