Jan 062013

I started this afternoon tearing down the Baby Pacman. Firslty, I removed the MPU, Vidiot, and Solenoid PCB’s. You can clearly see that the MPU has had some battery leakage at some point in the past as it has made quite a mess of the metal plating behind the boards. I will need to thoroughly check the PCB’s over to see if I can detect any damage:

Baby Pacman PCB removal

Secondly I removed the Control Panel. This will need a full strip down and rebuild with new artwork:

Baby Pacman Control Panel Removal

Thirdly I removed the coin door. This was in good condition, apart from a bit of rust on the back, and on the coin mechanisms. Again, a full strip down and tidy up is needed:

Baby Pacman Coin Door Removal

This is all the time I had today. Hopefully next week I can start removing the playfield and monitor