May 072014

I’ve had an absolute nightmare with this artwork overlay!

I initially had issues with the folds and wrap around on the control panel. Even when clamped in place and left for a few days it was bubbling, lifting, and was basically not adhering properly.

So I got hold of some contact adhesive to help, but this made matters worse…..the adhesive reacted with the artwork and has basically ruined it 🙁

Lesson learned = BE CAREFUL when using contact adhesive on artwork!

So as the artwork was already ruined and the thought of buying a new set from the US filled me with dread, I decided that I would try and recover from the situation by cutting away the damaged areas, including the wrap arounds at both ends….so no more wrap around.

I *think* it looks much better than it did originally, even though the top of the metal is exposed on the CP and scrapping the glue off did scratch a bit of the paintwork 🙁

Ah well…..

Baby Pacman Artwork Pain