May 052014

I’ve been working on a few bits for the Baby Pacman, whilst waiting for the weather to improve to finish the cab.

First off I started with the power supply. I stripped this down, had the plate re-coated, cleaned the rust off the power brick, and gave it a light covering with Hammerite. Gave it all a good clean and put it back together:

Baby Pacman Power Supply

Secondly I have re-coated the control panel ready for new artwork. There was a few areas that I wasn’t happy with so I reprayed them:

Baby Pacman CPO

I’ve then started to apply the new control panel artwork. Unfortunately this has been a bit of a pain as the artwork, in my opinion, is fairly poor due to being cut badly, and because its holes are all over the place. The adhesive also leaves a lot to be desired. Anyway I shall persevere and see what it looks like when finished:

Baby Pacman CPO Artwork

Thirdly I’ve stripped the coin door and frame. Had them re-coated, and cleaned all the rust from the mechanisms, and put them back together. I’m still working on this so have not added any pictures. Will update soon.