Jan 202013

I’ve now completed the top corners of the garage by building a timber corner frame and cutting the required Celotex insulation on both sides.

I’ve now decided on where the six double power sockets are going and have wired all the mains cable around the bottom of the timber frame, making holes for the wiring where necessary.

I’ve also done the wiring for six mains fire rated LED downlights. Two lights will be down each end and two lights will be situated in the centre of the room, parallel to each other.

Yesterday (19th Jan) I started work on plasterboarding the ceiling. I managed to complete a section of the ceiling.

Plasterboard 20/1/2013

Plasterboard 20/1/2013

Many thanks to the continued help from Chris Ree. It’s so much easier when you have another pair of hands 🙂