Wanted: Arcade cabinets/Parts/PCB’s

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Oct 212012


If you have any arcade items for sale please leave a message using the “Email” button with a phone number/email address and I will contact you. I’m generally interested in:

  1. Arcade Machines – specifically from the 1970/1980’s – Asteroids, Pac-man etc
  2. Arcade Machine Parts – Monitors, Coin Doors etc
  3. PCB’s
  4. Arcade Repair Equipment

I am specifically looking for the following items:

Arcade machines:

  1. Paperboy/Championship Sprint – A shell is sufficient
  2. Taito Ice Cold Beer
  3. Midway Tapper


  1. Ghosts´n´Goblins Original Capcom
  2. Renegade
  3. Tapper

Again, if you have any of these for sale please let me know! Thank you!