Vs. Goonies/Gradius PCB

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Apr 022018

I’ve been busy working on a reproduction Vs. Goonies/Gradius daughterboard for the Nintendo Vs. system.

There were complexities to this PCB because it uses a custom VRC chip, which are not easy to find, and there are no schematics for this board so it was a case of tracking down an original PCB, and mapping out all the pinouts. The great thing is that this PCB will be a lot less than an original PCB, so it makes it cheap and more available for the people that would love to own it, like myself 🙂

This is the circuit diagram I produced using Eagle:

Vs Goonies PCB

Vs Goonies/Gradius PCB

The boards arrived from manufacture to be tested:

Boards Arrive

Boards Arrive

Vs. RBI Baseball Repair and Test

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Apr 222017

I received a broken RBI Baseball daughterboard from a member of the Klov forum in the US. The cool thing about having this daughterboard is that it can also be used to play Vs. Super Sky Kid on the Nintendo Red Tent, so I was very pleased to have it in my collection.

Here is how I got on with the board:


Vs. Dr. Mario Schematics

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Jan 162017

I’d like to give something back to the arcade community so I have released my copy of the schematics for Vs. Dr.Mario below. This will enable Nintendo Vs. owners to design their own daughterboard to play this game without the difficulty and cost of finding an original PCB.

Vs. Dr.Mario Schematics (346 downloads)

Vs. Castlevania / Top Gun PCB SOLD OUT

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Aug 182016

The Vs. Castlevania PCB has now been manufactured, built, tested, and is sold out! Ten units were made to sell in Europe, and they all went within 24hrs!

Here’s some images of the finished PCB: