Baby Pacman 100% Working

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Sep 262015

I’ve now put everything back together in the cabinet. Over the last few months I’ve been testing various parts out and repairing things where necessary. I’ve now got to the point where the game is 100% working. There’s a couple of things I still need to do but I’m happy to say that after three years I think I can class this game as finished 🙂

Here is a compilation video of some of the issues I had and how I overcame them to get to the point of where I am now:

Baby Pacman Finished

Baby Pacman July 2015

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Jul 222015

The weather has been really good outside recently so I did a bit more on the Baby Pacman. Cleaned up the coin door and all of its parts and refitted it. The end is near 🙂

Baby Pacman November 2014

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Nov 162014

The area around the playfield is now done, so that is now back in the cabinet. I’ve also finished the lighting area so that’s now all in place with the front glass back in.

Baby Pacman Playfield

Next up will be the monitor. Hopefully this will be sorted over the rest of November and December and I can put the main glass back on the cabinet. I also managed to re-cut the broken thread on the monitor frame so this is now sorted. A previous owner had broken this my forcing the wrong screw into the hole. This was re-cut with a 1/4-20 tap kindly provided by Victor Marland.

Baby Pacman Monitor Frame

Baby Pacman is actually starting to look like Baby Pacman once again!

Baby Pacman Full

Baby Pacman September 2014

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Sep 072014

Today I spent some time applying the new artwork to the cabinet and fitting the t-moulding. Things are really starting to take shape now! There’s a few snags to tidy up but the external parts are pretty much done.

I made a slight error routing one of the buttons, but I can live with it, and you learn from your mistakes 🙂

Sideart Right

Sideart Left