About Me


My name is Ben, and I live in Manchester in the UK.

I’ve been collecting arcade machines since around 2008, although I’ve had a fascination with them for most of my life.

The story of my interest is probably very similar to a lot of other collectors in this hobby.

As a child, at primary school, we would make a visit to our local swimming baths every week. After swimming, all the class would congregate at the vending machines to get sweets (usually 10p Wham bars) and there would always be an arcade machine there to play on. The game I remember seeing and playing the most was Mr.Do! in a generic arcade Jamma cabinet.

Family holidays also inspired me to be interested in arcade games. We would make frequent trips to Butlins, Skegness in the 80’s and I recall seeing games like Paperboy, Outrun, Enduro Racer, Space Ace, Dragons Lair, Star Wars and a Sega Time Traveller in the arcades that were at the site. Other camping holidays would also guarantee seeing games like Asteroids or Space Invaders either on the camp site or at local pubs nearby.

I was also quite lucky to have a friend that lived seven houses up from me on my street, whose Dad was an arcade technician. This meant that he used to bring home quite a lot of games to fix. So my friend would invite me to “test” them 🙂 I remember playing on games like a Sega Megatech and Kung Fu Master.

We also used to have a pretty decent fair that came to town a couple of times a year. They used to have quite a good variety of new games to play, both dedicated machines and Jamma cabinets. I’ve posted some videos on my blog from my local fair in the 1980’s, so you can get an idea of exactly what used to be there and what I used to use my 10ps on.

So that’s really where it all started from.

I bought my first cab in 2008, which was a touchscreen betting machine that I converted into Mame. I subsequently bought a few Jamma cabs and then I started buying dedicated machines. The first being an Asteroids cabaret in 2009.

Today I am still interested in finding games from the 1980’s that I used to play on as a child in order to restore them, work on them, and make sure they stay as true to the originals as possible. I am not interested in making profits from arcade machines, and I try as much as possible not to sell anything, unless space demands it. For me it’s all about preserving a small bit of history.

I’m not particularly good at playing games, although I’m fairly decent at Paperboy. I can get around 90k on Easy Street, and complete the entire week. I’m still hoping to add this to my collection one day.

My passion lies more in getting things to work, whether this is repairing PCB’s, power supplies, monitors or any other cabinet components. I would say that I am only still a beginner and this is a never ending subject to learn about.

The main reason I started this website/blog was to keep a record of the things that I have been doing arcade wise, and to use this as a reference for pictures, and other info I’ve needed to use. Although this information is mainly for my benefit, I hope that others find it useful aswell.

If you wish to get in touch with me about anything arcade related then please do. Unfortunately I’ve had to disable comments on the website because there was too much junk being posted by spammers. However feel free to use the email button on the menu at the top of the page, fill in the form, and I will try and respond to any questions as soon as possible.

If you have any arcade cabinets or PCB’s from the 1980’s, or even the 70’s, I might be interested in buying them if they are for sale, so please get in touch!



Please note: If your email is about the valuation of an arcade cabinet that you wish to sell I can only give you a price of what the cabinet is actually worth to a collector. Prices on certain websites can be very unrealistic and are not necessarily representative of what a game is worth, so please do not feel offended if I think it is worth less than what you think it is worth based on what you’ve seen 🙂 Remember, this is not a business for me. It is just a hobby, so I am not trying to give false information or mislead anyone.