Space Invaders Part II Fixed!

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Oct 262014

This arcade machine has been causing me problems for a while. Two years infact! But finally it is fixed!

The monitor failed just before Play Expo 2012, and has been out of action since. Looking at the monitor chassis (a CM-R14) in June, I noticed that some of the tracks on the surface side looked potentially damaged, but I wasn’t sure if this was the problem or not.

Anyway moving to October 2014, I managed to find a monitor expert to look at the chassis, and a fellow arcade collector to provide a compatible tube to the expert, and the outcome is a working Space Invaders Part II as seen in the video below:

Space Invaders Fixed!

Play Expo Manchester 2014

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Oct 122014

I really enjoyed Play Expo Manchester this weekend. It was good to see some arcade cabinets that you very rarely get to see, namely the Outrun and Afterburner deluxe versions. My personal games of choice were Paperboy, which is a favourite of mine, and the PlayChoice 10 system.

I found some walkaround videos on YouTube to show both the arcade and pinball sections this year. These are courtesy of arcadeuk‘s YT channel.

Play Expo 2014 Arcade

Play Expo 2014 Pinball