New Arcade to open in the UK

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Feb 272014

I’m really excited to find out that the North West of England will host the largest arcade in the UK!

The Q&A session mentioned that there will be 100 classic arcade machines to play when it opens in May. Very exciting times for the UK arcade scene!

Further info and the Q&A session can be found here:

RGP Press Release

Nintendo Repro Instruction Cards

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Feb 182014

I received some reproduction Nintendo Vs instruction cards for my Red Tent today. I think they look really good! Putting the Balloon Fight cards under the perspex will be a nice final touch to the cabinet. Many thanks to Muddymusic from UKVac for assisting me with this:

Instruction Cards

Nintendo Vs Test Bench Setup

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Feb 072014

In the last couple of weeks I’ve acquired another Nintendo Vs PCB from a seller in the UK, and it came with an interesting Nintendo AV-01 board, which is video inverter/sound amplifier.

I tested the PCB and it turned out to be faulty 🙁

However this started me thinking about how I could potentially test these boards outside of the Nintendo Red Tent, and potenitally look at fixing them if this was possible.

So I started working on a test bench setup. Initially things didn’t go well. I built an adaptor and got nothing on screen, and the AV-01 looked like it wasn’t getting the correct power.

After some perseverance, and some repairs to the AV-01 I was finally in business!

What this also means is that I could potentially use this setup to run a Vs board in a Jamma cab or similar!

Nintendo Vs Test Setup

Vs Wrecking Crew = Not happening

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Feb 062014

I’ve been waiting a few weeks to recieve a Nintendo 0002 PPU from the US, which was sold as tested and working, so it could enable me to get my Wrecking Crew PCB fully working with the correct colours.

I was delighted when this turned up in the post today! However my joy quickly turned sour.

Luck was not on my side 🙁

Wrecking Crew Poorly