Vs Wrecking Crew…Sort of :-)

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Jan 182014

In an attempt to play Wrecking Crew on my Red Tent, I swapped over some roms and tried to get the game working on a PPU that was correct and one that was not correct. Here is the result:

Vs Wrecking Crew Sort Of

Balloon Fight!!

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Jan 162014

The reason I bought a Nintendo Red Tent is finally realised! I have the holy grail of Nintendo Vs games! Balloon Fight!! Booooom!

Nintendo Vs Balloon Fight

Space Invaders II – We have a problem pt. 3

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Jan 132014

I spent some time at the weekend building an adaptor for my Space Invaders Part II. The idea was that this would confirm whether the PCB or monitor or both has a fault. Instead of outputting the video to the cabinet monitor, I sent it to a Commodore 1084S monitor and this was the result:

Space Invaders Part II Problems

Nintendo Control Panel Sorted

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Jan 052014

I managed to purchase a Nintendo joystick from a member of DragonsLairFans. Fitted it today, and ensured it was working ok.

At the same time I greased the player 1 joystick as that was sticking a bit. The control panel is now fully populated.

Nintendo CP

I have some other exciting news but will reveal all in a week or so 🙂