Baby Pacman Sept 2013

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Dec 242013

I think I forgot to post this in September, and have just come across some pictures on my phone so thought I would upload it. It’s a preview of some of the work I’ve done on this cabinet, comparing it to how it looked when I originally started. I’m pretty much finished with the cabinet work. I just need to apply some yellow formica to the sides and front. Then it will be time to put everything back together!

Baby Pacman Back

Atari 2600

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Dec 212013

I first played on an Atari 2600 at a friends house when I was about 6. This was around 1982, when the “video computer system” was 5 years old. The game I remember playing was “Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back”. I thought it was amazing! 31 years on and courtesy of the Lass O’ Gowrie pub, I have now managed to purchase a boxed woodgrain Atari 2600, with a few games! Unfortunately Empire Strikes Back was not one of the games 🙁

Atari 2600

Nintendo Vs PCB Fully Working!

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Dec 082013

I’ve spent quite a bit of time swapping CPU’s, PPU’s and roms, and finally I have the problematic board working on both sides!

Nintendo Vs PCB Problem Part 3