Nintendo Red Tent on its way!

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Oct 212013

Finally my Nintendo Red Tent is on a van in Belgium and will be entering the UK tomorrow!

Red Tent on Van

Red Tent on Van

Space Invaders II – We have a problem pt. 2

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Oct 192013

Ok so not really part 2, because it still has a problem but the new power PCB rebuild seems to have gone well.

Voltages are good on the gameboard and it sounds like the PCB is starting, but I cannot play the game blind. So there is either a PCB fault or the PCB is semi working but there is no sound.

I hooked up the monitor and am still getting the following:

Space Invaders Problem

Space Invaders Problem

So I will build an adaptor to output the video of the Space Invaders to a Commodore 1084-D monitor so I can see what is going on.

Likewise I may be able to feed another RGB signal into the monitor to confirm if that is working or not

Midnight Run dodgy cable and earth

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Oct 182013

I thought I’d better change the mains cable on my Midnight Run before someone (probably me) gets electrocuted. The cable has been sheared quite badly as you can see in the picture:

Midnight Run Old Cable

Midnight Run Old Cable

So I’ve removed the old cable and replaced with a brand new cable, with new crimped ends:

Midnight Run New Cable

Midnight Run New Cable

At the same time I checked that all the metal in the cab was earthed. Unfortunately the monitor frame and transformer were not, so I’ll sort that out aswell.

Garage Arcade October 2013

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Oct 132013

Here is a quick walkaround of the games I have in my garage arcade. Hopefully I can get all of them up and running soon, so I can see how it looks with the lights off, with a proper arcade feel:

Garage Arcade