Baby Pacman Restoration – Initial View

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Dec 272012

Baby Pacman has been sat in my garage since October, as I’ve had no time to take a look at it.

Today I’ve made the effort to get up early and take an initial look, so I can gauge how much work is involved in getting it to a fairly decent standard. My plan is to spend some time on it over the Xmas period, as I’ve got a fair bit of time off work.

My thoughts before I looked at it was that I’d probably have major issues with the artwork and playfield, and that the cabinet would need some serious attention. I had not looked at the PCB’s or wiring so didn’t know how bad/good things were.

Anyway, I thought I’d share my initial photos and initial impressions with you:

The Control Panel:

The CP artwork is worn and will need replacing:

Under the CP – the metal work looks ok. No rust but very dirty:

Coin Door / Grills:

Looks pretty tidy.

Some rust above coin mechs. Nothing major:

The PCB’s:

Battery is missing on the MPU?? Looks like there is some corrosion on the PCB and behind it. Not sure if this is from a previous leak or not, but this needs looking at fairly urgently. I have a spare but this has quite bad corrosion, and not sure how fixable it is

Solenoid PCB looks ok. I have a spare:

Vidiot PCB looks ok. I have a spare:

Power Supply PCB looks ok, but the transformer is rusty so needs sorting:

Glass and Playfield:

Glass covering was extremely dirty, so difficult to tell if there were any scratches etc

Gave the glass a bit of a clean and some very minor damage on the edges but nothing major:

The other glass and marquee also looked fairly good:

I removed the playfield glass and to my surprise it was in very good condition. I was expecting to replace this, but I don’t think that I need too:

Clearly some of the targets will need replacing as they looked a bit worn and dull:

The only wear I could see was here:

and here:

The Cabinet:

Left hand side is fairly tidy – a few nicks here and there. The artwork needs replacing. The bottom of the cab is a mess where its been dragged. Looks like the the leg levellers are either missing are damaged:

Same at the front 🙁

Top Right hand side is not too bad apart from a chunk that is missing at the back:

Pretty bad at the bottom and there is a chunk missing bottom right:

Closer shots:

The back of the cab is pretty bad aswell. Chunks missing here and there:

Door held on by tape 🙁

Pretty bad at the top:

The cabling looks very dodgy and dangerous and will need some replacements:

Ballast half hanging off:

More dodgy cabling on the monitor. This will also need a recap:

So quite a bit of work to do. I’ll start by stripping down the cabinet and tidying that first

Konami to Jamma Adaptor

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Dec 262012

I have an original Konami Scramble PCB to test out, so built an adaptor to run this on a Jamma supergun. Unfortunately it looks a bit like Spagetti Junction 🙂

Konami to Jamma Adaptor (Solder Side)

Konami to Jamma Adaptor (Solder Side)

Konami to Jamma Adaptor (Parts Side)

Konami to Jamma Adaptor (Parts Side)

I know I should have soldered the edge connector directly to the fingerboard, but hey I didn’t. Maybe next time 🙂

Raining. Bored. Star Wars Trilogy?

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Dec 222012

It’s chucking it down with rain outside. I’m bored, and I fancy a game of Star Wars Trilogy.

What will it look and play like if I project it on a wall in my house?

SW Trilogy Projection

Pretty good 🙂 So much so that my son immediately wants to take over and play on it LOL

If the projector was further away from the wall I reckon it would look even better