Emulator websites

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Nov 302011

Finally a chance to play Sega Model 3 games in an Emulator. Star Wars Trilogy actually plays really well:

I realise that this website is nothing new, but I wanted to keep link of it on the site, as it’s a great site.  There are a ton of retro handhelds you can play:

A flash version of Dragon’s Lair!:


Places to buy arcade parts

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Nov 302011

I thought it would be worthwhile mentioning a couple of places to buy arcade parts.

Some of these places I’ve used before, others have been recommended by various arcade collectors

I will keep the list updated when anyone sites that I come across or use:


Bob Roberts:
Bob is based in the states, but it’s really easy to use the Auction Chex service to make payment


Swallow Amusements:


Very good for monitor chassis repairs


Great Plain Electronics:
Very good for things like a replacement Atari Big Blue, fuses etc