Atari Pokey Tester

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May 012017

I wanted to see if it was possible to test Atari Pokey chips using an Atari 7800 console. Here’s what happened:

Atari Pokey Tester

I would like to say a massive thanks to Michael “RevEng” Saarna, the author of Atari 7800 Basic, who helped to get the code working for the tester, and members of AtariAge forum who made suggestions on how I could move the project forward.

The program is available to download below should you wish to try this out:

Atari Pokey Tester (101 downloads)

Vs. RBI Baseball Repair and Test

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Apr 222017

I received a broken RBI Baseball daughterboard from a member of the Klov forum in the US. The cool thing about having this daughterboard is that it can also be used to play Vs. Super Sky Kid on the Nintendo Red Tent, so I was very pleased to have it in my collection.

Here is how I got on with the board:


Vs. Dr. Mario Schematics

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Jan 162017

I’d like to give something back to the arcade community so I have released my copy of the schematics for Vs. Dr.Mario below. This will enable Nintendo Vs. owners to design their own daughterboard to play this game without the difficulty and cost of finding an original PCB.

Vs. Dr.Mario Schematics (100 downloads)

Atari Dunk Shot to Tehkan World Cup

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Jan 092017

I bought this empty Atari Dunk shot cabinet on eBay over Christmas 2016 with a view to converting it into a Tehkan World Cup cabinet. I first played Tehkan World Cup at Butlins Skegness around 1986, roughly at the same time the World Cup in Mexico was on. It was a game that was always surrounded by kids hammering the trackball controls. I’ve been on the lookout for one of these for a while, and have only seen about two come up for sale in nearly nine years of collecting, so when I spotted this cabinet twenty minutes down the road from me I had to buy it. The machine has the same dimensions as a Tehkan World Cup, so I hope I can make a decent job of it. Keep an eye on the blog for updates as there is a lot to do!