Atari Dunk Shot to Tehkan World Cup Update 1

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Apr 022018

My conversion of Dunk Shot to Tehkan World Cup is going fairly well.

Firstly the external work on the cabinet is complete and ready for the artwork.

Here is a picture of where things are currently at:

Tehkan World Cup

Tehkan World Cup

The cabinet has been painted and has t-moulding fitted. The coin door has been coated and re-fitted, and the control panels have been mounted and screwed into place after also being coated.

After the artwork has been applied, the next steps will be to work on the internal parts of the cabinet. Fitting a monitor, power supply, game board and trackballs etc. Luckily I now have a working game pcb to mount in the machine:

Tehkan World Cup PCB

Tehkan World Cup PCB

Biggest video games raid in the UK

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Mar 222015

March 12th 2015 saw one of the biggest arcade raids for video games in the UK, right here in my home city of Manchester! Altogether around 90 cabinets were found including some really uncommon games. together with parts, manuals, and unreleased documents from Atari. Check out some of the footage I took below, whilst being a helper at this historical arcade event:

Arcade Raid

Apologies for the poor quality video. It was dark, and I only took snapshots at various times during the raid.

Arcade Club @ New Frontier Arcade

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Mar 082015

I made a visit to the New Frontier Arcade last night for Arcade Club. I was very impressed with a couple of the new acquisitions called Star Castle and Turkey Shoot. I’ve not played either before, even back in the 1980’s. Star Castle is a very cool vector game, and I was surprised to hear that Turkey Shoot actually fires Turkey feathers between the protective plexi glass and the CRT at the end of the level! Very cool and unique!

The only disappointment was that I was not able to play on Paperboy, which is a favourite of mine. Sadly it was powered off, as I assume it had a fault.

I did manage to get a very good score on Virtual Striker! However I’m not sure that really counts in comparison to other high scores 🙂

Details of Arcade Club and New Frontier Arcade are at:

Play Expo Manchester 2014

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Oct 122014

I really enjoyed Play Expo Manchester this weekend. It was good to see some arcade cabinets that you very rarely get to see, namely the Outrun and Afterburner deluxe versions. My personal games of choice were Paperboy, which is a favourite of mine, and the PlayChoice 10 system.

I found some walkaround videos on YouTube to show both the arcade and pinball sections this year. These are courtesy of arcadeuk‘s YT channel.

Play Expo 2014 Arcade

Play Expo 2014 Pinball